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Underground Fire Mains Installation & Repair

Underground Fire Mains

Sprinkler-based fire protection systems in commercial and industrial buildings need to be connected to a reliable mains water supply. We specialise in providing underground fire main piped supplies to your building, ready for connection to the sprinkler system.

Whether you're a fire protection company or a facilities management contractor our experienced utility installation teams will work with your project management to ensure the work is carried out where and when you need it, to the highest standard, using quality products and at a competitive price.

As mains water supply contractors, we are able to excavate, install, repair, test and commission underground water fire main installations. We’ll also ensure the ground is fully reinstated, including any tarmac and road markings where necessary.

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Underground Fire Mains Testing and Repair

We can also test and repair existing underground fire main pipework installations, ensuring your installation remains ready for use at all times. We’ll find leaks or problems and provide temporary connections for your sprinkler system so it remains connected to the mains supply at all times while your connection is repaired.

If you have an underground pipe leak or need your connection tested, call us. We can provide a full service, from initial testing, to excavation, repair and reinstatement.

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