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LPG Gas Installation

LPG Gas Installations

Why consider a LPG gas installation? Not every property can access mains utility supplies. In the case of mains gas, providing a mains supply for a single or remote property may not be cost-effective, depending on the location.

That’s why many people turn to LPG, giving them all the benefits of a gas supply without the cost and disruption of a mains connection. You can choose who your supplier is and just like having a normal mains connection, you can look for the best deals.

LPG Gas powered Kitchen Hob

We work with individual homeowners and building contractors, and we specialise in providing the LPG infrastructure installation for your property, leaving you free to choose your gas and tank supplier. Having a professional installation, using quality products and a highly experienced contractor, puts you in a better position when choosing your supplier and best of all, it saves you money. Our LPG installations are typically much cheaper than an installation from one of the major LPG suppliers.

But what’s involved in LPG installation? Generally, you need three things:

  • A gas tank on your property
  • Underground pipework leading from the tank to the building
  • A gas supplier

We don’t supply the gas – you can choose what supplier you want to do that – but we’ll provide you with a professional, accredited and safety-tested installation, using only the best quality products, so you’re ready for a supplier and can drive the deal you need.

Here are a few of the things we’ll do for you.

  • Assess your site and advise on a suitable and safe tank location
  • Construct your LPG tank base
  • Excavate the ground and lay your underground pipework
  • Pressure and safety test the pipework and installation
  • Reinstate the excavated ground, including tarmac and any road markings

Remember, you don’t need to have your installation done by the big suppliers. We can save you money, allowing you to drive the best deal with a supplier.

If you’re a building contractor, we can help you provide a complete installation to your client and help you be more competitive.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. You’ll be glad you did.

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Underground LPG Pipework Safety Check

Metallic gas pipes buried underground can be subject to corrosion. Through time, corrosion can lead to leaks forming in the pipework, causing gas to be lost and potentially dangerous build-ups of gas if the leak occurs near or under a building.

For your peace of mind, we offer a safety check of your underground LPG pipework to see if you have any leakage that could be caused by corrosion in the pipes.

If we find a leak, we’ll help you work out the best course of action to fix the leak and make the installation safe again, providing all the excavation, repair and reinstatement services you might need.

Gas Safe registration number 588261.

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