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Fresh Water Mains Installation & Repair

Fresh Water Mains

If you need a fresh water mains connection, you need to ensure your contractor is approved by Lloyds WIRS Registration Scheme to provide the service and carry out the connection. You can request Scottish Water or one of the nationwide utilities contractors to provide your connection, but this can be expensive.

As a Lloyds WIRS self-lay organisation, we’re able to provide fresh water mains laying and connection services at better prices than many larger contractors, giving you the professional service you need and saving you money.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to have a supply pipe repaired, or a house builder looking for a multi-property connection, a fundamental utility like fresh water means you need to deal with a reliable and approved contractor, capable of installing a high quality connection, fully tested and commissioned in accordance with all applicable legislation.

Our experience and accreditation means you can have confidence in the service we provide. With many years’ experience in laying, flushing, testing and commissioning fresh water supplies, we can offer the full installation service, from excavation works, pipe laying and connection, to fresh running water. We’ll also ensure the ground is fully reinstated, including any tarmac and road markings where necessary.

Lead Pipe Replacement

Lead in drinking water: In Scotland, lead does not occur in significant concentrations in mains water, and is only a problem for householders when the water comes into contact with lead service pipes, lead joints or lead tanks.

Where lead comes from: The use of lead service pipes was phased out during the 1960's and officially became illegal in 1969. Modern service pipes are made of blue plastic.

Lead pipe replacement: If your property is currently serviced by lead pipes, lead joints or lead tanks — contact us today to find out about our lead pipe replacement service.

Our Lloyds WIRS accreditation number is PRJ 1107 6356P.

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